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Over the rainbow

Boston Globe

We know we're asking the near impossible by suggesting you leave the house tonight. Last night, you made the mistake of flipping to "Life With Judy Garland" just to see how bad it really was (at least that was your argument at the time) and ended up hooked on every overacted nuance. Tonight is the conclusion, but why waste your time? You already know exactly how it ends (if not, think diet pills and drag queens). So why not check out a bunch of real-life Judy Garlands? Tonight at 7, the Boston Association of Cabaret Artists previews its upcoming March is Cabaret Month events. Carol O'Shaughnessy hosts the three-hour show with more than a dozen cabaret singers including Brian De Lorenzo, Nina Vansuch, and Will McMillan. You may not experience the rush of made-for-TV turmoil, but we can promise you'll get an earful of dramatic tunes.

1140 Clarendon St., 617-598-1046, ext. 7689.

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